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December 2019 | Boat review: The Watt Knot, an electric-diesel hybrid semi-trad | 8-page cruising guide: The Yorkshire Dales | Hiking the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire: A restoration route | Special Focus: Trans-Pennine Cruising: The Windlasses' Tour Part 7 | Battle of the Bogs: Composting vs combustible | Looking Back: Hostel-boating in the early '60s | Renovation Man: The builder turning a profit on project narrowboats Plus 8 pages of news from the waterways, new products, technical advice, readers’ letters, events and much, much more.

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Emergency at Whaley Bridge 

Potential disaster was narrowly averted in possibly the darkest hour for the Canal & River Trust in its seven-year history A deluge of rain fell on the Peak District on the night of 31st July, and some observers felt like half of it had descended on Toddbrook Reservoir, overlooking Whaley Bridge at the head of the Upper Peak Forest Canal.


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