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Stover Canal

Stover Canal

The Stover Canal Society was formed in 1999 to promote the preservation and restoration of south Devon’s Stover Canal. Administration of the project has now been taken over by the Stover Canal Trust.

Good progress has been made in renovating the line of the canal and its assets. Following restoration of the unique Graving Dock in 2017, work has continued at Ventiford Basin, the northern terminus of the canal. This has now been cleared of silt and a small clay-cored dam constructed at the southern end to retain some 110m of water.

The basin has been lined with puddle clay and, following heavy rain in autumn 2019, has filled with water to its design level. Landscaping is in progress and plans for the construction of a replica crane, which was used to load granite onto barges, are well advanced. The trust anticipates completion of the whole project during 2020.

A formal opening ceremony is planned to coincide with the bicentenary celebration of the opening of the Haytor Granite Tramway, which transported granite to the basin from quarries on Dartmoor. Volunteers will then move on to renovating Teigngrace Lock to its former glory.

February 2020


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