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River Thames - Maidenhead Waterways

River Thames - Maidenhead Waterways

Construction of the first two stages of the Maidenhead Waterways project – to restore and enlarge Maidenheads neglected town centre channels into a navigable waterway and public amenity – is now complete. An £8m programme saw the 1.1km York Stream (half of the consented Ring plan) completed in 2018, in conjunction with the first phase of Shanly Groups development next to the waterway at Chapel Arches.

Both schemes are part of a much larger regeneration programme in the town centre, with the waterway passing through and linking key development sites and acting as a catalyst for the major investments involved. The final phase of the Chapel Arches development will complete in 2020 and is set around a second water basin. Countrysides waterside development, just downstream at York Road, is also well underway and will be completed by 2021. The project aims to ’bring the Thames into town, with the waterway passing into and around central Maidenhead as a feature of its wider regeneration. Flow is now back in the York Stream after the banks were strengthened, the channel widened, deepened and sealed with clay to eliminate water loss through the gravelly bed.

A weir and fish/eel pass, with boat rollers, at Green Lane is also under construction and due to be completed in early 2020. It will lift and stabilise surface water levels throughout the town centre in the already-enlarged channels, allowing small boats (initially) to enter and navigate the waterway. The planning consent includes a lock, which will be added only when boats large enough to need one are able to access from the south, where Bray Cut meets the Thames.

February 2020