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Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal

Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal

In 2019 the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust focussed primarily on the delivery of land with acquisitions at Newent and Malswick.

At Oxenhall volunteers working just north of Newent were investigating to see if there are any historic remains of locks prior to proceeding with work on building Lock 2. The new engineering group has devised a way of taking the canal over the road at Newent – a double inclined plane – with boats passing through the old station on tracks rather than on water.

New and improved bridges have been built at Malswick and site preparation is now underway for a planning application to dig out the canal.

There have been quite a few new faces on the board of trustees, while the trust HQ has moved to Malswick House. The Wharf House has now been leased and renamed the Lock Keepers. All activities next to the Lock Keepers at Over Basin remain unchanged with the historic boats, sailing for disabled people and Gloucester Model Boat Club enjoying the water.

The Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust continues to focus on rebuilding a sustainable canal from Hereford to Gloucester, with the emphasis on ensuring there is a built-in income to keep the canal maintained once it is restored.

February 2020

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Herefordshire &Gloucestershire Canal Trust