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Stroudwater Navigation

Stroudwater Navigation

The 8 mile Stroudwater Navigation is one of the "Cotswold Canals", joining the Thames & Servern Canal at Stroud.

In 2019 there was a lot of progress on several important projects and even completion in some cases. In May 2019 Highways England awarded £4m to restore parts of the Stroudwater Navigation including waterway, locks, bridges and wetlands which were demolished when the A38/A419 roundabout and M5 were built in the late 1960s west of Stonehouse.

Picture: Artist's impression of the 'missing mile' of the Stroundwater Navigation

On the remaining NLH-funded sections, there has been some really good progress on Phase 1A during the last year. The replacement pipeline at the Goughs Orchard Siphonic Canal Feeder on the Thames & Severn Canal has been installed. This will transform the amount of water available in the canal section upstream of Stroud and enable it to be used more generally.

Finally, CCT volunteers have successfully transformed the historic Lodgemore Bridge in Stroud. Having been restored previously to a manual hydraulic lift-bridge and failed, the trust took on the task of electrifying the structure and it is now a fully operational electric-hydraulic bridge.

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