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Canal Connections

We talk to people who make the waterways part of their life

On patrol with a boat licensing ranger

Canal crime fiction author Andy Griffee spends a morning on the canal network’s front line with Steve Broad, one of CRT’s 27-strong army of licensing rangers

Robbie Cumming

Solo boating, living aboard and holding down a job on the move are never easy.  Robbie Cumming describes the unique challenges of filming BBC Four’s Canal Boat Diaries and his coping strategies

Meg Gregory

Meg Gregory brought canal art to an international audience at last year’s Commonwealth Games. Andrew Denny speaks with the Black Country signwriter about this commission and her other work

Waterway Chaplaincy

Who can boaters turn to when they’re in need of support? Tony Jones speaks to representatives of the Waterways Chaplaincy, who are helping waterway users in need

Sophie Callis - The Boat Pod

Sophie Callis runs a narrowboat recording studio in London’s Little Venice. In conversation with Andrew Denny, she tells of a ten-year struggle to make it happen

Tim Coghlan

In the late 1980s, Tim Coghlan gave up a career in the city to become the owner of Braunston Marina. In conversation with Tony Jones, he describes taking over the dilapidated site and how his work led to a passion for waterways heritage

Dee Caffari

What happens when a record-breaking round-the-world yachtswoman swaps the open seas for our slower-paced inland waterways? Dee Caffari explains all