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Ashby Canal

Ashby Canal

Early in 2022, the Ashby Canal Association will take over the Transport & Works Act Order from Leicestershire County Council and the project to restore the Ashby Canal through to Measham. En route to Measham, the restored canal will cross the Gilwiskaw Brook, a Natural England Special Area of Conservation on a high-level aqueduct. An ongoing buy-a-brick campaign has, to date, raised £55,000 towards this feature. In November 2020 a breach occurred in the section from Snarestone Wharf to Bridge 62 which was restored by LCC. Remedial work has taken place and ACA is now installing a stop-gate at Snarestone Wharf, which is the interface with CRT waters.

During 2022 a length of the original canal north of the present terminus near Bridge 62, where no mining subsidence has taken place, will be dug out to the original profile. The excavated material staying on site will be moved forward to where subsidence has occurred. ACA volunteers have already carried out extensive ground clearance in preparation for this work.
Over recent months, as weather and Covid restrictions permitted, ACA volunteers have been working on the creation of a footpath following the route the restored canal will take through to Measham. This has been part-funded by an IWA grant and is already proving very popular with local people, and enables visiting boaters to walk to Measham without venturing onto local highways.

There is planning permission for a housing estate in Measham, which will include restoration of 1.1km of Ashby Canal as an integral part of the scheme. The development is, however, still under threat since the Integrated Rail Plan, announced in December 2021, declared the postponement of most of the HS2b route but not the section through Measham. An engineering study recommending a minor route diversion will, if accepted, enable the development to go ahead and provide £3m-worth of canal for the village of Measham.

March 2022


Ashby NWLDC chairman Virge Richichi & leader Richard Blunt presenting a cheque to Peter Oakden (Ashby Canal Association).
Ashby Waterside first dig June 2021.