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Boston to Peterborough Wetland Corridor

Boston to Peterborough Wetland Corridor

The Boston to Peterborough Wetland Corridor is a new and exciting project which builds on the previous work of the Fens Waterways Link (improving links between the cities of Cambridge and Peterborough, and the town of Boston). 

B2PWC (a partnership between EA, IWA and Lincolnshire County Council) concentrates on the Boston-to-Peterborough section of the route. 

A not-for-profit company, Water Resources East, has been charged by the Government with producing an integrated strategy to water resource management for the eastern region. This requires the movement of significant amounts of rainwater from, and supply water to, the region. B2PWC seeks to ensure that this water transfer is by open channel, rather than closed pipe. The proposed wetland corridor would significantly benefit nature as well as walkers, cyclists and boaters.

Boston and Peterborough are geographically only 30 miles apart, but at present navigating between them requires either a challenging Wash crossing or a tortuous 250-mile, 135-lock, minimum 15-day trip, restricted to boats less than 7ft wide. When the Boston to Peterborough Wetland Corridor comes to fruition, it will only be a couple of days of leisurely cruising.

March 2022