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Bridgewater Canal - Runcorn Locks

Bridgewater Canal - Runcorn Locks

The Mersey Gateway crossing at Runcorn, which is nearing completion, offers the possibility of removing the existing bridge slip road, a major obstacle to restoration of the infilled flight of locks.

The line is intact but currently landscaped, so the project will require major funding to remove the road blockage and restore the locks.

The Runcorn Locks Restoration Society continues to receive practical support from Halton Borough Council. A major initiative has been the launch of the Unlock Runcorn campaign website where everyone can show their support by simply registering at the website. The website also has a video of an illustrated talk by former president Bill Leathwood about a trip from Liverpool to Runcorn Locks taken in the 1930s aboard a Mersey tug.

February 2021