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Bude Canal

Bude Canal

The Bude Canal Trust Ltd owns over 5 miles of the original 36-mile canal built in six years from 23rd July 1819, which still has an operational sea lock and two rebuilt inland locks but was mostly a tub-boat canal.

Although the society’s section is no longer permanently watered, it aims to achieve a well-maintained canal profile with historic features in good order, a range of wildlife habitats and a towpath that is now a public right of way.

As leader of a wider partnership with other supportive local organisations and authorities, the trust has been successful in gaining small-scale grants, which have enabled it to maintain and enhance the towpath as a recreational footpath, carry out restorative work on some of the bridges, and enhance information and interpretation provision.

Further history-related and environmental grants are being pursued to enable it to carry out more restoration work on the bridges and culverts, and to continue to improve access, information and interpretation.

February 2021

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Bude Canal & Harbour Society

Bude Canal Trust Ltd