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Cromford Canal

Cromford Canal

The planning application for the Beggarlee Extension of the canal north of Langley Mill has been approved and measures are underway to comply with several local authority conditions before work can commence.

The Friends of the Cromford Canal has been donated a quarter of a mile of Cromford Canal at Hartshay, which is at present at low water level with willow trees growing in it. FCC work parties are beginning to clear the channel and plans are to restore the water to an appropriate level after building a suitable overflow system. This will give FCC the opportunity to restore and maintain a section of canal and its towpath.

After a year’s hiatus because of Covid-19, FCC hopes to restart operation of the heritage passenger boat Birdswood between Cromford Wharf and High Peak Junction in 2021.

The iconic Aqueduct Cottage at Leawood is being restored by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust as an information centre, and is planned to open this year.

February 2021

Restoration Walk

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Cromford Canal cottage in 2020
Aqueduct Cottage on the Cromford Canal at Leawood under restoration in 2020.

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Friends of the Cromford Canal