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Cromford Canal

Cromford Canal

The Friends of the Cromford Canal have begun work on the Beggarlee Extension north of Langley Mill, which includes a staircase pair of locks and uses a former railway bridge to pass under the A610. WRG has attended on several occasions to assist, using large hired plant. Work continues on the donated ¼-mile canal at Hartshay, as well as with CRT and Derbyshire County Council on maintenance of their sections and on other lengths in various ownership. Operation of the heritage passenger-boat Birdswood between Cromford Wharf and High Peak Junction produced record income again for the charity, helped by a volunteer-run shop at Cromford Wharf. The possibility of extending this navigable length south to Gregory Tunnel has been investigated by a geotechnical survey and the results passed on to owners DCC. Restoration of the iconic Aqueduct Cottage at Leawood was completed in March and is now regularly open to the public and for special events.

April 2024

Cromford Birdswood under electric power.


Restoration Walk

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