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Grantham Canal

Grantham Canal

The Grantham Canal Society works in partnership with CRT, which received a substantial grant from NLHF to rebuild two of the four derelict locks in the Woolsthorpe flight. Five teams of GCS volunteers have worked to develop new foundations and build the lock walls, so that Lock 15 is complete and operational. They were assisted by volunteers attending a number of WRG volunteer camps and other occasional visitors. The GCS teams are concentrating on Lock 14, which required similar treatment and only needs new gates to complete the rebuild.

In addition, volunteers also maintain the navigation on the top pound where the GCS trip-boat, The Three Shires, offers charter and ‘turn-up’ cruises.  Volunteers have a significant ongoing works programme and plan to deliver enhancements to the society’s base at Woolsthorpe depot. At both ends of the canal local volunteers have improved the appearance of the non-navigable lengths at Grantham and in West Bridgford.

The canal warehouse at Hickling is now a thriving tea room and also offers a cycle-hire base. Every day there is volunteer activity at some place along the 32 miles of the canal so why not join in the fun and contribute to the canal’s progress? You can sign up for a copy of the free monthly newsletter on the GCS website or joining over 700 others by becoming a society member.

February 2021

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