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Pocklington Canal

Pocklington Canal

To mark the bicentenary of the opening of the Pocklington Canal in 1818, 2 miles of the canal were reopened in 2018, enabling boats to navigate as far as the Bielby Arm. Over a period of three years, new gates have been fitted to Thornton and Walbut locks and most of the length dredged. The Pocklington Canal Amenity Society is to start the restoration of Sandhill Lock at an estimated cost of £200,000. This will involve taking down all the defective brickwork in the lock chamber and replacing it. New lock gates and paddle gear will then be manufactured and fitted. The project will mostly be undertaken by volunteers and is expected to take three years. Although much work has been done in preparation for the restoration of Sandhill Lock, the society is still waiting for CRT to apply for listed building consent, so work is yet to start.

Once Sandhill Lock is restored and some further dredging carried out, it will be possible for boats to navigate to within a mile of Canal Head. However, there are a further three locks that will require repairs before the restoration can be considered complete. Restoration of the Pocklington Canal has been ongoing since 1970, shortly after the formation of the society in 1969. PCAS has the ambition of completing the restoration by 2030.

Top picture: Cruising a restored section of the Pocklington Canal in 2018.

March 2022


Pocklington Walbuts Lock b (c) Malcolm Slater
Pocklington Canal reopening 2018; New Horizons goes through newly restored Walbut Lock.