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River Avon (Warwickshire)

River Avon (Warwickshire)

Avon Extension

The Avon Navigation Trust promotes restoration of navigation from Stratford to Warwick and a junction with the Grand Union Canal. ANT, together with Stratford District Council and Warwick District Council, commissioned socio-economic and high-level environmental feasibility studies that were completed and reviewed in early 2019. The studies were positive and showed that the project was feasible. However, both SDC and WDC decided at that point not to take the project to the next stage of including it in their local plans. They felt that the economic climate was not right at that time and other projects should have priority. ANT, with its exemplary record of maintaining the current navigation and working in partnerships, is well placed to take on the management of an extended navigation. The trust has, in recent years, worked in close partnership with county authorities, EA and contractors on bridge replacement and maintenance works. 
ANT continues to promote and lobby for support of the extension project and still sees this as an important wide-beam link between the rivers Severn and Thames via the River Avon and Grand Union Canal.

April 2024

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Avon Navigation Trust