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River Ouse (Sussex)

River Ouse (Sussex)

Now that Sutton Hall (Isfield) Lock has been restored as much as possible at the moment, the lock-side site storage compound has been moved to a more secluded spot 100m away. The Sussex Ouse Restoration Trust is very grateful to Sutton Hall Place for its continued support. Landscaping of the former storage area is pretty well complete and now awaits the advent of spring so the trust can seed the bare earth and finish tidying the area. Liaison with EA and the appropriate landowner has commenced to get the damaged fish ladder at Isfield Weir, which sets the upper water level for the lock, repaired or replaced.

Work is being started to design interpretation boards for key sites on the Sussex Ouse Navigation. First ones are likely to be at Isfield Lock and at the start and end of the navigation. These boards will tell everyone about the navigation, the benefits it provided to the area around the board and more about the benefits of canals generally.

March 2022

Sutton Hall Lock on the Sussex Ouse
Sutton Hall Lock on the Sussex Ouse prior to restoration in 2021.



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