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River Ouse (Sussex)

River Ouse (Sussex)

The removal of the site compound and final landscaping at Sutton Hall (Isfield) Lock will commence in the spring of 2021, pandemic permitting. The fitting of lock gates will have to wait until the funds have been raised and the Sussex Ouse Restoration Trust has demolished the concrete dam across the lock where the upper gates should be. The dam was installed in 1941 to enable the river upstream of the lock to be flooded and provide a hindrance to invading enemy forces should the need have arisen.

The trust is undergoing a period of organisational change and applying to be registered as a full charity. It is also reviewing its objects (charitable purposes) for example: where next to restore, where to preserve, how to inform the public better about the history and benefits of the Sussex Ouse Navigation.

February 2021

Sutton Hall Lock on the Sussex Ouse
Restoration of Sutton Hall Lock on the Sussex Ouse is due to start in 2021.

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