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Sleaford Navigation

Sleaford Navigation

Sleaford Navigation Trust has made navigable the first 8 miles of waterway from the River Witham towards Sleaford. In recent years, with the help of Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership, a new head of navigation was created in Sleaford, reopening the top pound to trailboats and other small craft. Bottom Lock, now renamed Taylors Lock, was also refurbished with new gates and landing stages. 

The trust worked closely with South Kyme Parish Council on project Destination South Kyme to increase visitor numbers to the village by creating safe water access and moorings. A successful LEADER bid secured funding for the works, which were finished in 2018. The construction of a nearby winding hole completed the project in early summer 2019 and many more boats have travelled to South Kyme as a result. The navigation is now one of the destinations on the IWA Silver Propeller Challenge. Partnership work with EA led to innovative plans for the winding hole incorporating environmental enhancement and fish spawning areas. Funding opportunities are being explored in conjunction with North Kesteven District Council to enhance the tourism potential of the waterway corridor by increasing public access.

April 2024


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