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Somersetshire Coal Canal

Somersetshire Coal Canal

The Somersetshire Coal Canal Society was founded in 1992. It aims to preserve and restore the canal and focus interest on its past, present and future. The society is currently actively working towards returning water to the stretch of canal between Radford and the original Paulton and Timsbury terminal basins. Regular volunteer groups are also working to preserve the impressive remains of the 22 locks in the Combe Hay flight.
The organisation carries out excavations and historical research, recording the information and disseminating it in talks, meetings, through its Weigh-House magazine and at regular open days. A walking route, the Coal Canal Way, largely following the canal’s northern branch, has been waymarked and a guide for walkers published. The society was also a partner in the restoration of Midford Aqueduct, a Grade II-listed structure.

April 2024

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Somersetshire Coal Canal Society