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Stafford Riverway Link

Stafford Riverway Link

It’s been a very productive 12 months for this project. It started in November 2020 when SRL’s planning application – to complete the mooring basin, open up a connection into the basin from the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, and construct a bridge over it for walkers and farm traffic – was given the go-ahead by Stafford Borough Council. Since then, SRL’s volunteer building and grounds teams have been regularly on the site and have made fantastic progress. The basin walls are now complete along all four sides, leaving just the opening that will eventually form the entrance to the basin from the canal. The bridge will be built over that entrance. 

Supporting this work, SRL’s grounds team of volunteers have been landscaping and levelling off the immediate area around the basin and towpaths, planting trees (kindly donated by the Woodland Trust and local soroptimists), hedgerows, a raised herb garden, a patio and memorial wooden seat, and restoration of the footprint of the old lock house. SRL applied for and received an EnviroGrant earlier in the year to help support some of this work. All of this brings SRL closer to restoring a part of the town’s historical heritage and it looks forward to the continued support of partners and the people of Stafford.
That said, in order to complete the basin and in particular the bridge, more funding is required. To help with this, a Crowdfunding site has been set up and this has raised over £3,000 so far. It can be accessed at gofundme.com/f/stafford-riverway-link-basin-amp-bridge-project. SRL is grateful to those who have already donated and welcomes donations large and small. For more information about Stafford Riverway Link, visit either its Facebook page or website at stafford-riverway-link.co.uk.

Top picture: Excavation of Baswich Basin on the Stafford Riverway Link

March 2022

Stafford Riverway Link site April 2021.
Stafford Riverway Link basin Sept 2021 (c) SRL CIC. 



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Stafford Riverway Link