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Stafford Riverway Link

Stafford Riverway Link

Another year has passed and, once again, very good progress has been made on the construction side of things. Thanks go to the Stafford Riverway Link’s wonderful gang of ‘veteran’ builders who have again excelled themselves and, from the accompanying photos, you can see the progress they’ve made with concreting the basin floor which is approaching two-thirds completion now. 

Thanks also go to the Link’s green work parties team which has also continued to support the project regularly during the year, helping to maintain the site around the basin. A number of outside organisations, such as Water Plus, have also joined in with dedicated support sessions and the Link is very grateful to them.

The formal supporting paperwork (DCNA) has been submitted to and checked by CRT which has confirmed that it is satisfied with the quality of the work carried out to date. Looking forward, the basin should be completed during the next year. The team will then be working towards getting approval from CRT, via the DCA Submission, for the detailed construction plans for building the towpath bridge over the eventual opening between the canal and the basin.
Any support that can help with that work will be greatly appreciated: stafford-riverway-link.co.uk.

If you’d like to keep up to date with progress on the project, please follow the Facebook page: facebook.com/StaffordRiverwayLink.

April 2024

Top picture: Excavation of Baswich Basin on the Stafford Riverway Link
Stafford Riverway Link site April 2021.
Stafford Riverway Link basin Sept 2021 (c) SRL CIC. 



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Stafford Riverway Link