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Favourite Views

Stratford Canal


Autumn on the Stratford Canal by Sarah Jackson. 


A working narrowboat on the southern Stratford Canal near Lowsonford by Peter Baldwin.

Crinan Canal


The western entrance of Scotland’s Crinan Canal, where the waterway’s basin and lock spill out into the Sound of Jura, by Richard Franklin. “I spent a day walking the canal in October and struck lucky with weather – and local lockdown rules!” says Richard. 

Leeds & Liverpool Canal


Affenpinschers Phoenix and Gertie at Rivington View on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal by Wayne and Mandy – instagram.com/affiefilms. 


A new perspective of Bingley Five Rise on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal by Anthony Raithby.  See more of Anthony’s pictures at arfotolog.smugmug.com.


Autumnal colours around the canal bridge at East Marton, near Gargrave, by Paul Biggs.

Regent’s Canal


City Road Road Basin captured by Stuart Fisher in May when the Antepavilion competition’s winning sculpture Sharks! was on display. 

Rochdale Canal

Two pictures of a glorious autumn morning on the Rochdale Canal at Todmorden by Philip Mann.

Staffordshire & Worcester Canal

Caldon and Macclesfield canals

Canoeist Dermo RoSheen (instagram.com/livingthedreamcanoes) sent in these pictures snapped while exploring the canals. “I would love to paddle the whole of the UK’s inland waterways network – hopefully over time I will get to see as much of it as I can. I keep toying with the idea of buying a cruiser, or even better a narrowboat, but at the moment the versatility of my canoes is too good to pass up.”

River Thames

Grand Union Canal

A sunny spring day on the Grand Union Canal’s Hatton Flight near Warwick, by Simon Hopkins.



Trent & Mersey Canal

FV-Trent-and-Mersey-at-Barrow-upon-Trent- Paul-Biggs.jpg

A late summer scene on the Trent & Mersey Canal near Barrow-upon-Trent, taken in 2020 by Paul Biggs.

Llangollen Canal


A narrowboat crossing the impressive Chirk Aqueduct on the Llangollen by Andrew Hayward. 

Shropshire Union Canal


Autumnal cruising through Tyrley by Andrew Hayward.

Andrew Hayward snapped this beautiful rainbow over the Shropshire Union Canal at Hack Green, just south of Bridge 85, in June 2021.

Cheshire-based photographer Rebecca Page (instagram.com/rpagephotography) lives close to the Shropshire Union and Trent & Mersey canals and sent in these pictures that she took on walks with her dog in early July. “It’s so nice to see boats travelling on the canals again – normality is coming back.”

Worcester & Birmingham Canal

The Worcester & Birmingham Canal at Hanbury Wharf by Alex Vanden Bosch (instagram.com/vanboosh/). “I managed to capture these swans playing in the canal while I was sitting in the bow of my boat removing some rust – a welcome distraction from the rather boring task!”

Three photos from Chris West

Three striking photographs by Chris West. “I’m a liveaboard boater and enjoy travelling the winding waterways of England in all weathers. Observing, and experiencing, the ever-changing seasons is one of the immeasurable pleasures of living on the water.”

The River Avon at Evesham

The River Avon at Evesham, by David Jackson. “I was woken at 5.30am on a summer’s morning by this swan nibbling the weed on the boat to see the early sun lighting the underside of the arches of Workman Bridge.”

Wey Navigation

'Looking Both Weys’, by Stephen Darlington. “The two images were taken on the Wey Navigation near Coxes Lock and Mill, the first looking north and the second south, on a cold and slightly misty morning in November.”

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