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Shrewsbury & Newport Canals

Shrewsbury & Newport Canals

The Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust has the goal of restoring the 25-mile link from the Shropshire Union Canal to Shrewsbury. Work towards this has been carried out near Shrewsbury, in association with WRG and the National Trust, with clearance of the channel and towpath around Berwick Tunnel and Berwick Wharf, where culverts have also been repaired. Another major focus is the restoration of Wappenshall Wharf to, among other things, celebrate the life and work of Thomas Telford. In 2019 the trust commenced a phased approach and work has progressed, through difficult times, on the two warehouses and the adjoining basin. The earlier warehouse is being provided with facilities for a quality coffee shop/bistro while the basin has been excavated, lined and a towpath retaining wall built to permit rewatering. Here it is planned to site a pair of 1936 Woolwich Class narrowboats, currently being restored, as a further attraction and educational facility. On completion the warehouses will once again be set in their original heritage context. The trust also holds regular work parties at other points along the line to which new volunteers are warmly invited. 

March 2022

Shrewsbury flax mill. (c) FCB studios
Shrewsbury SNCT WRG culvert workparty.



Restoration Walk

Norbury to Newport Waterways World October 2020